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Business Overview

Nicole Ferrari is a Baltimore based studio/outdoor portrait, fashion, landscape, animal, fine art photographer and writer.

Nicole has worked at Cosmopolitan Magazine and her work has been published nationally and exhibited internationally. Her clients include Pauline Rader Jewelry, Vincent Valerio's Vincenzo Couture, Loyola University Maryland, and other private work. She is a member of Professional Photographer's of America and National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

In her artist's statement, Nicole says,

It is often said that art imitates beauty, but with photography, my goal is to capture. I try to capture beauty that can be found anywhere, often ignored or missed by the naked eye, and present it in a way that makes its beauty apparent to the beholder.
My fascination is with color and light, not surprising for a digital photographer. I love to create pieces that use color and light (or darkness in some cases) as the building blocks, ending in images that are highly graphical, immediately drawing the eye.
It is my sincerest hope that viewers may see the strange or surreal beauty present in my art and to have it speak to them in whatever way that may be relevant to their lives.

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Products and Services

  • Personal photography packages
  • Photo Restoration Services
  • NF Photography artwork prints available to order
  • and Custom Photoshop Imaging Services