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Cat Cafe Mad Photo

Open Today

09:00 to 20:00

Business Overview

Cat Cafe Madison with cafe drinks, crepes, and live cats. Come visit and play. Online cat related products. Experience our hand crafted chocolate drinks from Sjolinds Chocolate or our espresso drinks from True Coffee. Our savory and dessert crepes provide a mouth watering experience.

Take your drinks into the cattery for only $5.00 entry fee. Spend the day playing and hugging our 18-20 adoptable cats. Crepes-Cats-Cafe For Children over 5 to Adult.


Products and Services

  • Barista Cafe Drinks
  • Handcrafted Hot & Cold Chocolate
  • Specialty Chocolate from Sjolinds
  • Dessert Crepes
  • Savory Crepes
  • Breakfast & Lunch Crepes
  • Cat theme clothes Cat theme retail items