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Business Overview

Psychic Tarot Card reader, Psychic Aura and Chakra Reader, Teacher of Qabalah and Thoth Tarot. Teacher of Prana-Yama meditations and inner spiritual power meditations, Magus Online video Thoth Tarot Readings via Google hangout, Firefox hello or Skype. In Person Hand drawn, colored and written, Full body Aura Readings, including 10 chakras. Qaballistic Thoth Tarot Classes by a fully qualified Psychic Magus. Meditations for personal growth, in person or in a group setting. Tarot Card/Aura reading dinner parties!


Products and Services

  • I specialize in Tarot Card divination of Three card yes-no-maybe spread. Celtic cross spread (oldest pattern of 10 cards)
  • The Golden Dawn 15 card spread-giving two possible outcomes
  • and The Half Moon Spread of 18 cards
  • that needs no specific question but does show on the next 6 months. All can be done via Video or in person. Qabalistic Thoth Deck Tarot classes of one night per week for 8wks. Aura and Chakra readings
  • that must be done in person
  • at clients home
  • or my place or many Psychic fairs around the greater Seattle
  • Tacoma area.