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Independent Colocation Evaluators


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1 Boston Place, Suite 2600, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108, United States

Business Overview

Independent Colocation Evaluators is a full service consulting firm providing comprehensive and rigorous colocation and cloud data center evaluations that generates a high return on investment for our clients. With over thirty years of experience managing and supporting data center applications, our credentialed team understands the complex systems within the physical infrastructure. As colocation and cloud data centers increased in popularity, it became apparent that evaluation methods did not involve alignment with risk tolerance. Many evaluations were of a simplistic, home-grown checklist format, or in worst case scenarios, designed for intended result. We set a higher standard for data center evaluations. Our evaluations embody the Uptime Institute principles and methodologies that employ a unique process and structure for delivering consistent data along with performance prognosis. Most projects begin with helping clients assess and document their service delivery obligations and reliability needs. We help clients prepare an initial Request for Proposal (RFP), and, based on client need, we deploy the appropriate level of evaluation rigor to data centers under consideration. The cornerstones of our evaluation process are transparency, verification, and accountability. The final data center ranking and recommendation is based on an independent evaluation and assessment. Our service establishes a performance baseline and includes constructive remedy for inclusion in service level agreements (SLA). Data center downtime impacts information availability and has a cost. Our mission is to improve data center evaluations and reduce client risk.


Products and Services

  • Data Center Evaluations
  • Defining colocation or cloud data center requirements
  • Five Step Process for Colocation and Data Center Evaluations
  • Data Center service level agreements