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116 Carriage dr, Fairview, North Carolina, 28730, United States

Business Overview

We are Firefighters and LE that use these products and want to create other products that will make the job safer for all Public Safety workers.
We specilize in emergency scene lighting and offer fire truck pump panel products as will. We are adding more items as we grow so if you require parts or a certain product that you do not see here please let us know.
We offer quanity pricing on most of our products, if you need help ordering please dont hesitate to contact us.


Products and Services

  • Generator Scene Lights
  • portable ground lights
  • Tripod Scene lights
  • Brow lighting
  • Tank lifters
  • O2 tanklifters
  • Flush mount lighting
  • Pressure governors
  • LED lighting
  • Extension Pole lights
  • Halogen Lighting
  • HID Lighting
  • Compartment Lighting
  • LED Strip lighting
  • WorkPro work lights
  • Spot lights
  • Hand held spot and flood lights
  • Generator displays
  • Throttle controls
  • Pump pressure controls
  • Water level gauge
  • Water tank displays
  • pressure sensors
  • portable flow testers
  • Hydrant flow and pressure testers
  • pressure testers
  • foam generators
  • foam eductors
  • foam
  • foam refill systems
  • foam level gauge
  • foam nozzles
  • compartment door open alarms
  • Skull saver ladder end covers
  • Man saver safety bars and replacement covers
  • safety search ropes
  • Safety gates
  • platform bars
  • intercom systems
  • ladder intercom
  • DVR
  • vehicle video systems
  • cord reels
  • electronic valve open and close
  • Navigator electric valves
  • hitch mounted scene lights